Jessica D'Oliveira, Analyst for Forrester, recently wrote about the value of low-code development, especially in a start-up environment. Before joining Forrester, D'Oliveira created more than 50 no-code minimum viable products, which provided a great perspective on how these solutions can be used.

D'Oliveira says the solutions were “Built for — or with — entrepreneurs looking to launch digital businesses. This experience gave me firsthand insight into the ways that low-code platforms can solve startup problems, the hurdles that face founders who want to adopt a low-code platform, and ways that vendors could improve their ability to connect with founders and startups.”

One of the key observations made was that low-code can help solve the scale problem for startups. According to D'Oliveira, in their rush to validate their idea, startups frequently streamline their front ends by gluing together multiple back-end services. Although these processes are useful for building proofs of concept, they often do not scale and usually consist of a grab bag of forms and tables for collecting data, directories to visualize data, payment systems, and third-party data connectors to implement automation.

Low-code platforms such as Viziapps can help solve these problems.

ViziApps is the only mobile development platform that enables users to visually create, in a low-code or no-code environment, their mobile app user experience, app navigation, use of multiple backend data sources simultaneously, and use of native device features.

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