Case Studies

Read how these businesses have used ViziApps to create mobile app solutions for their organizations at a fraction of the expense of traditional coding methods. But just as important as the low cost, development with ViziApps is an agile process that enables quick iteration of design changes based on user feedback, and immediately pushing app updates out to users at any time.

  • CP&S DetailMgr

    CP&S Detail worked with ViziApps' development services to recreate the DetailMgr mobile app on the ViziApps no code platform including the integration with Quick Base, the cloud platform CP&S uses for their core IT applications and operations, delivering a much more economical and functional solution. Click here to see the case study.

  • AgVis

    OSTC chose ViziApps to develop the AgVis mobile app user experience, enabling the developer to quickly create and modify the UI to integrate with ThingWorx using JavaScript. The simple UI allows farmers to focus on just the information and options they need for the task at hand using their mobile device. Click here to see the case study.

  • Large Retailer

    This case study takes a look at a large retailer operating department stores, worldwide. This retailer has been able to replace the clipboard, camera, and three workers with one worker and a smartphone. This has reduced their inspection and reporting times and costs as much as 65%. Click here to see the case study.

  • Spiech Farms

    Spiech Farms created three separate mobile apps to manage operations and track the productivity of their workers. With a backend built using Intuit QuickBase, they were able to improve operations in places where desktop computers and even tablets were unworkable. Click here to see the case study.

  • HomeSquare

    HomeSquare serves the home maintenance market. The app provides a single point of contact, eliminating the hassle of finding individual contractors and negotiating for every job. Their mobile app enables customers to easily makes requests, send photos, and keep track of all work being done. Click here to see the case study.

  • Star Solutions

    One of the world’s leading Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies asked Star Solutions to build a mobile app for thousands of their retailing partners in Malaysia. Star Solutions realized that they could go beyond satisfying one customer, to build a mobile app practice and expand their business. Click here to see the case study.

  • City of Spokane Valley

    The City of Spokane Valley wanted to create a mobile app to promote tourism and benefit the local economy, but working with a contract custom app developer was too expensive and inefficient. Their mobile app succeeded by using ViziApps to keep development and updates in-house, leveraging the skills they already had. Click here to see the case study.