Features & Pricing
Sign up for a 30-day Free Trial account to develop and test any number of mobile apps using all our features. To continue developing and testing apps, subscribe to the Basic Publishing Plan below, also enabling you to publish one app to up to 30 mobile users at no extra cost. To publish that app to more users, or publish additional apps from your ViziApps account, subscribe to the appropriate Publishing Plan below for each app. By subscribing to any Publishing Plan for any app, there is no extra charge to develop and test apps with your ViziApps account.
Pricing Per Range of End Users
Paid Annually
Basic Professional Premium Enterprise
1-30 End Users $39/app/mo. $149/app/mo. $199/app/mo. Contact Us
31-70 End Users $69/app/mo. $279/app/mo. $369/app/mo. Contact Us
Over 70 End Users Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Core Features
Supported Platforms IOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android (Phone/Tablet) IOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android (Phone/Tablet) IOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android (Phone/Tablet) IOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android (Phone/Tablet)
Number of Apps that can be developed and tested Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Use native device GPS
Use native device camera feature
Use native device record audio feature
Use native device barcode feature and QR code scanning
Use native device signature capture feature
Access device contacts
Access device calendar
Do both local and cloud file storage
Use native device email, texting, vibrate, accelerometer, phone calls, popup web pages and more.
80 chart types
SSL Encryption
Use social login
Use push notifications
Use local notifications
Use near field communication for Android
ViziApps Studio
30-Day FREE Trial
Design, test, and demo Apps for Free for 30 days. Preview your apps online. Your apps immediately download remotely to all devices for testing on our ViziApps published app.
Free-form, WYSIWYG graphical app designer with no coding. Designer has form fields and charts (see them here), many user actions, supports maps, video, audio, navigation bar, navigation panel and has lots of customizations and javascript extensions. Если вам нравится порнуха, в которой принимают участие молодые телки и парни, то вы пришли по правильному адресу, так как мы для вас сабрали самые крутые видеоролики на эту тему. Приятно смотреть studsex.info порно студентов в хорошем качестве. Тут могут сношаться только молодые пары, а иногда попадается порнуха, где телочка ебется с преподавателем за оценку или студент сношает зрелую училку.
Hybrid App Framework
Web App Framework
Template apps show how fields, actions and data interfaces are used.
JavaScript Code Extension
Custom JavaScript Plugin Support
Share your apps with team member accounts
Browser Debugging
Many background images & stock images
App design version retention up to 60 days
Get your own version of the ViziApps Service
Backend Services
No coding Data Access Interfaces
(see example)
No coding access to any OpenAPI cloud service, including those on Oracle Cloud, to access data from any database
No coding access to Google Spreadsheets
No coding access to Quick Base
No coding access to popular SQL Databases
No coding access to the Internet of Things cloud services with AT&T M2X and ThingWorx
No coding access to Google maps
Access indoor maps
Enterprise-grade cloud service security (OAuth2 & JWT)
Offline Operation and Remote Sync (QuickBase)
REST web services available with javascript.
RSS Feeds
Mobile Testing
Online Real-Time App Preview
App Changes Viewable on Device Within 3 Seconds
PDF Design Export
App Publishing
Publishing on App Store & Google Play
Publishing with ViziApps Instant Publisher
Publishing with Mobile App Management
Updates to published apps are free and immediate. All end users will see your updated app the next time they use it.
Web App Distribution Via Email
Google Analytics
Mobile App Analytics
* Volume discounts available, based on the number of published apps. Contact Us


Free Services

Included with Free Trial, Developer Plan, and All Publishing Plans

  • Free Blog, Videos, and Webinars
  • ViziApps Studio Help Wiki
  • Email support for help guidance
  • Platform bug fixes (not app design bug fixes)
  • Free trial includes one (1) Free 30-minute Mobile App Design Consultation

Professional Services

In addition to Free Services, these Services are available:

  • Mobile App Design Consultation(s)
    • 30-minutes: $95
    • 60-minutes: $175/hour
  • Develop your mobile app for you
  • Add special features to ViziApps required for your mobile app(s)
  • App Store or Google Play Publishing Service
    • One-time Fee: $95

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Available Enterprise Services


These additional services are available to our Enterprise customers:

  • Online and On-site training
  • Special support
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Onboarding services

For more information, please visit:

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