Property Management Apps

In commercial property management companies your time is split between the office and your properties. And when on site you need to be able to quickly do your work with full access to office systems and data -- and the ability to interact with them in the best way possible while out. With ViziApps you can quickly and inexpensively create custom business apps that work the way you want to at your company.

Just consider some of the work that you could be doing with your own mobile business app :

  • Access your inventory of available properties to show to prospective tenants, including details such as square footage, floor plans, rates and local taxes
  • View comps from nearby properties
  • See full data on all of your current tenants, their service history and outstanding issues
  • Write up work orders for your repair and maintenance people, make assignments and track progress
  • Access real-time data from your HVAC, water, electricity, alarms, and other systems

And more -- how would you like to work at your company?

The best mobile apps are different from desktop applications -- they’re aware of where you are, what you need to do, and let you use all of your phone and tablet’s features (camera, voice recorder, GPS, etc.) to do it.

And ViziApps is the ideal tool to create a mobile business app for your property management

firm. ViziApps provides a no code tool for people with modest technical skills to quickly create robust mobile business apps.

ViziApps provides you with..

  • Easy, secure integration with corporate data stored in such services as QuickBase, QuickBooks, Salesforce, Google Sheets, SQL databases available via web services, and many more
  • Full use of the mobile apps when offline, with updating of data when the user later goes online; ViziApps is the only no-code RMAD platform that provides this
  • Custom screen workflow logic you can use to create your optimal mobile experience
  • Use of such smartphone features as camera, GPS, bar code scanning, signature capture, contacts, email, and so on.

ViziApps also provides professional app development services if you need help creating your first apps.

Please Contact ViziApps today to talk about how we can help you make your commercial property management firm more productive and profitable.