Why ViziApps

Why Choose ViziApps?


If you know how to create a PowerPoint presentation and build spreadsheets, you can build a robust mobile business app using ViziApps. Its visual display canvas combined with simple drag-and-drop wizards make it easy to use.


As you’re developing your mobile apps, you can test them in the ViziApps Studio’s preview mode right in your browser. And, you can test your apps right on your iOS and Android mobile devices. Just download the ViziApps player app from Apple App Store or Google Play, login with your ViziApps credentials, and all the features of your app will run. .


Publishing the mobile apps you create with ViziApps is easy and fast. You have three options: (1) ViziApps supports publishing in both Apple App Store or Google Play; (2) You can use a third party mobile app manager, or (3) Use ViziApps Instant Publisher™ to create a URL link or QR Code that you can distribute to your users to easily install and use the apps


See how ViziApps is reshaping the economics of building mobile apps.


This tutorial describes how to create the layout design for mobile apps in ViziApps Studio.

Visual design tools

ViziApps enables anyone with basic PowerPoint and database skills to create a custom mobile business app. The selection of widgets, images, and icons make coding unnecessary and significantly speeds the mobile app development process. Taking advantage of ViziApps' drag-and-drop approach to mobile app development, users can use the images provided in the ViziApps Studio or incorporate their own images, such as logos, photos, and illustrations.

A portfolio of templates lets app builders start with a proven design, then customize their apps to effectively promote their particular brands. All without writing a line of code.

ViziApps uniquely enables enterprises and IT solution providers to quickly create and maintain mobile workflow apps that drive business processes from mobile smart phones and tablets. ViziApps’ powerful and easy to use visual design and workflow tools enable business users to develop and deploy mobile apps, with no- or low- coding, significantly faster and at a fraction of the cost of coded development.

ViziApps is the only mobile development platform that enables users to visually create, with no- or low-coding, their mobile app user experience, app navigation, use of multiple backend data sources simultaneously, and use of native device features.

Unlike other platforms, ViziApps enables customized enterprise branding styles for mobile apps, requires little or no custom code for workflow logic in apps, leverages device features, and supports offline operation.

Access backend data

Mobile apps built on ViziApps can access the enterprise data needed to provide a rich user experience. ViziApps is the only platform that enables the development of mobile business app data query and taskflow logic without any coding.

ViziApps features powerful data management capabilities for accessing and managing information stored in over 35 web data sources for use in both native mobile and web apps. These include QuickBase, Google Sheets, QuickBooks, Salesforce, indoor maps and navigation, ATT IoT, ThingWorx IoT and many SQL databases as well as custom REST API interfaces. Offline and Remote Data Sync operation is also offered. All data access is secured with enterprise grade security protocols.

Download & Run

The ViziApps visual approach allows for the creation of robust business apps in hours or days. That is significantly less time than a complex custom coding project would require. People who can create an Access database can use the ViziApps online tool to build a custom mobile business app.