App Building and Training Services

ViziApps is designed to make it easy for Operations Team Citizen Developers -- people without mobile coding technical skills -- to build robust mobile business apps. However, sometimes you just don’t have the time or inclination to build your own apps. Sometimes you want to use outside help instead.

Or maybe you do want to build your own apps but need training first.

That’s why we created our ViziApps Mobile App Technical Services team.

The ViziApps Technical Services team is experienced in quickly creating mobile apps for companies in many industries and integrating with many different backend databases and platforms including SQL and Quickbase

If you’re starting from scratch, our team can help you with the application design and building your database as well as the ViziApps app. Or they can build on top of an existing database and desktop application to create an optimal mobile user experience and styling with ViziApps’ custom mobile logic and offline capabilities.

If you choose to develop your own ViziApps apps, we can also provide a training program tailored to the particular needs of your team.

Available Technical Services include:

  • Mobile App Design Consultation and Build Coaching & Mentoring (Available in 5 and 10 hour time blocks)
  • Mobile App Development Services
  • Add Special Features to the ViziApp platform meet your unique needs
  • App Store or Google Play Publishing Services

Please Contact ViziApps to learn more about our Technical Services or to discuss tailoring a program to meet your specific needs.