• How to Incorporate Camera and GPS Features in Your Mobile App

    The camera and GPS are two features of mobile devices that users particularly enjoy using. GPS receivers use the information from several of the satellites to calculate a user's location. Along with the ability to use the camera, this helps businesses use ViziApps to create hybrid mobile apps with those features.

    In addition to the camera, the GPS is another powerful function that many app creators want to make available to their users. The video shows how to insert a GPS field anywhere in an app and use the latitude and longitude variables to load a map. It also explains how to save location data to a web data source for address detection or distance calculations. The GPS field is particularly useful for displaying a list of nearby stores or other businesses, for example, or to store a user’s location for other purposes.

    To learn more about these features, this video shows how users can take pictures within the app you’re creating with ViziApps. The video also demonstrates how to easily save photos for use in a mobile business app

    For help using other ViziApps features to create mobile apps, check out the full set of tutorial videos here.