• Build your Mobile-First app using Native Mobile Features with No Coding

    When developing your mobile-first app, take advantage of all the features built into your mobile device to optimize the capabilities of the app, e.g. camera, geo-location, mapping, wayfinding, audio recording, that aren’t easily accessible from a laptop.

    ViziApps Studio offers a list of mobile device actions from which you can select as you build your mobile app. With ViziApps, you can use all the device features in your mobile app - with no coding.

    For a complete list of mobile device features supported see our ViziApps Features page.

    Let’s look at how important device features are in a typical mobile workflow example.

  • Connecting your Workflow Databases with ViziApps

    So what databases can ViziApps mobile apps work with?

    Databases including SQL Server, MySQL, 35 other SQL databases, Quickbase, and Google Sheets can all connect to your mobile apps built with ViziApps with no coding.

    So, why this is important?

    Databases are where all of your key business process information is updated and stored. But most databases (even SaaS databases) are not very mobile friendly. With mobile changing the way your workforce, partners, and customers do business, it is vital for you to connect to these databases in your business mobile apps.

  • ViziApps Expands Quickbase Support to include Sub-Account Authentication and Query Response Limits

    Companies worldwide use Quickbase to create cloud-based business process applications, without doing any coding.

    Those businesses often require access privileges to company data at different levels of authorization. Using ViziApps Studio, enterprises and small businesses can design Quickbase apps that enable end users to access data at the appropriate level of authorization. These Quickbase apps can run on iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and smartphones.

    For example, a Sales VP may have a higher level of authorization than regional sales people have. While the Sales VP may access sales results in all regions, an individual sales person might have access to sales results only in his/her region. When an end user logs into their Quickbase ViziApps app, their login credentials will automatically determine which data to select depending on their level of authorization.

  • ViziApps launches OSHA Inspection app for Quickbase

    ViziApps, in partnership with Quickbase, now provides a ViziApps template using the OSHA Construction Site Safety Audits sample app. The ViziApps mobile version can provide a tangible ROI for inspection tasks, saving from $150 to $300 per inspection by providing significant time savings.

    The OSHA app can be used by field workers or auditors to perform inspections at a construction site. This fully functioned mobile app supports iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet, and leverages device-specific features that optimize the field data collection and reporting workflow.

    The ViziApps OSHA app demonstrates the following features:

    • Login with employee ID or bar-code scanning of a badge
    • Read and write to Quickbase tables
    • Drill down to Status lists, Checklists, and Corrective actions
    • Add text content to Quickbase tables
    • Ability to capture photographs and place into image field
    • Real-time GPS lookup of location
    • Voice to text capture of notes (for all text fields)
    • Device-based signatures for certification of results
    • Initiate phone calls (e.g., to call a supervisor)
    • Show map based on current physical address

  • ViziApps Now Supports Quickbase for Integrating Data in Mobile Apps

    Companies worldwide use Quickbase to create cloud-based business process applications, without doing any coding.

    Now, using ViziApps Studio, enterprise and small business users can easily build mobile apps using Quickbase data to run on the iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and smartphones, without coding. Taking advantage of the ViziApps drag and drop process for creating apps, Quickbase users can quickly and cost effectively build mobile apps that provide access to robust cloud-based data.

    ViziApps® provides the features described below for creating Quickbase mobile apps.

  • ViziApps Supports Quickbase for Mobile App Data Integration

    Using the no-coding ViziApps mobile app development platform, enterprise and small business users can easily create QuickBase mobile apps.

    Companies worldwide are using ViziApps, to build mobile apps from Quickbase to mobilize the processes vital to their business – for the iPhone and iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

    ViziApps provides several key features for creating Quickbase mobile apps:

    • Create Quickbase database operations with a drag and drop process for familiar database commands such as select, insert, update and delete. Adding QuickBase database operations to your mobile app takes just minutes.
    • ViziApps support Quickbase commands
    • ViziApps enables your mobile apps to run without network access. When network access returns, it automatically syncs with your Quickbase account.
    • Customize how users navigate your work flow in your app for the optimal user experience,

    Because ViziApps provides a no-coding process for mobile app development, business and IT professionals can quickly and cost effectively use the ViziApps tool to build mobile business apps that empower employees, partners, and customers.