Nowadays, companies are really being challenged to find the best way to enable their mobile workers and set their mobile strategy.

An IDG Study in Sept of 2015 outlined the key reasons why::

• Mobile is a critical priority on the business agenda for 64% of organizations.

• Top factors behind mobile investments include improving internal communication (68%) and customer retention (62%), and increasing decision-making speed (60%).

• Nearly half (49%) of organizations will increase their investment in additional Wi-Fi network capability to accommodate mobile devices; however, internal network reliability is still low.

• Security is the greatest concern associated with mobile (54% overall), and even more prevalent among enterprises (63%) than SMBs (48%).

• Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile App Management (MAM) tools are gradually being used to secure mobile devices and data, with 38% and 27% using cloud-based MDM and MAM tools, respectively.

• Integration, security and ease of deployment are key factors when evaluating mobile vendor options.

Businesses are driving towards making an impact in customer acquisition or retention with mobile strategy; or disrupting the way they do business internally leading to improved communications to faster decisions to more revenue and lower costs.

Here are some criteria to consider in defining you mobile app strategy:

1. Security for your data – Is it strong enough to withstand cyberattacks.

2. Budget – Will you end up spending ‘000’s of dollars to get something that doesn’t met your needs.

3.Ease of Mobile App Deployment – Will it take a team of professionals to deploy or will you need end-user training?

4. And finally, how will your strategy provide fast implementations and smooth integration into your existing applications and IT infrastructure. Video chat live with amateur cam models and pornstars from around the world. Click here for live provides a platform that allows you to connect with thousands of cam girls & guys instantly.

We believe that as you weigh your options against these criteria, you’ll find that Rapid Mobile App Platforms can best meets all of your needs, from security to fast turnaround time, ease of deployment, engaging mobile app user experiences, and lower costs, PLUS the control you gain to empower your IT team and citizen developers to best mobilize your business.