Nearly all businesses have a large set of documents that are essential to their operations. Enabling mobile workers to access those documents wherever they are, right from their smartphone or tablet, can speed closing sales and completing field service calls, and increase customer satisfaction.

ViziApps now makes it easy to view most documents by adding a document viewer directly in your mobile app.

Viewing Documents

The ViziApps Document Viewer supports a wide range of document types:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Adobe: PDF
  • Image files: PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, TIFF
  • Audio files: MP3, WAV, OGG
  • Video files: MPEG4, WEBM, OGG

The document viewer pops up as a new window in the app, so the user gets a full-screen view of the document, and can close the window when they’re done.

Here are examples of PowerPoint and Excel document screenshots.

Doc viewer Doc viewer 2

The best way to get started is to load our new Template App called “Doc Viewer” into your ViziApps account. This will give you a working example that shows a variety of document types.

Read our new guide to learn how to do it at the ViziApps Wiki: Document Viewer.