You’re on the road, getting ready to make a sales call. In fact, it’s one of several this week. How do you get prepared? How do you get access to the information you need, when you need it? How can you best leverage your company’s data and business workflow applications, securely, all from the touch of your phone? You want those apps in your hands without the need for an extra device like a laptop. You want the apps developed for mobile-first, not as an afterthought.

You can picture the scenario. You’re at the client’s site. You have access to their profile including the products they currently own and the client’s history with your company. Your client asks you a technical question that you can’t answer, but you know of a subject matter expert (SME) you can call on. Right then and there, within the app, you initiate a video conference call with the SME. Question answered. Problem averted. Client satisfied.

The benefits of an effective business workflow app that is developed for mobile-first can help minimize transaction times, reduce approval cycles, and accelerate sales cycles, thereby reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. However, getting your hands on those apps can take time when relying on an overworked and potentially under staffed IT department who are used to writing code for months to create applications for desktop and laptop devices.

Where does the development of these mobile-first apps come from? How about YOU? You know your business best. You can spend time working with IT and see a prototype in two months, or you can develop the mobile-first app using the low code or no code drag and drop capabilities of ViziApps. And, you can take advantage of the features built in to your users’ mobile devices that aren’t available or easily accessible from a laptop.

So, what’s required to create an effective mobile-first business workflow app? There are five key requirements:

  1. Full mobile-first workflow logic for optimal user workflows. The workflow logic is laid out using visual drag and drop technology such as ViziApps Studio. Editing the workflow is easy.
  2. Use of all mobile device features to optimize the capabilities of the line of business app. Take advantage of the features inherent to your mobile device – camera, geo-location, mapping, wayfinding – that aren’t easily accessible from a laptop.
  3. Secure access and use of backend data from cloud and on-premises sources. The mobile app uses the encryption and authentication technologies the company has standardized on to securely read and write the data.
  4. Support for offline operation for the mobile-first app in poor connectivity locations. The app shouldn’t be just a dashboard or client to a cloud-based or on-premises server back at the office.
  5. An engaging user experience that complies with corporate branding guidelines. The look and feel of the user interface should support what you need when you are with your client. 5 minimum deposit casino

ViziApps uniquely empowers citizen developers and IT professionals with all of these capabilities – All with No Coding. Many companies, including some of the world’s largest, have standardized on ViziApps to rapidly create powerful mobile-first workflow apps to support line of business professionals such as yourself.

With the ViziApps Studio, you have visual drag and drop control over the entire user experience, including custom enterprise branding, secure connectors to over 50 backend databases, services and IoT (Internet of Things) data, easy app flow and logic building, use and control of all mobile device features, and offline operations with selected data types – ALL with No Coding.
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