When developing your mobile-first app, take advantage of all the features built into your mobile device to optimize the capabilities of the app, e.g. camera, geo-location, mapping, wayfinding, audio recording, that aren’t easily accessible from a laptop.

ViziApps Studio offers a list of mobile device actions from which you can select as you build your mobile app. With ViziApps, you can use all the device features in your mobile app - with no coding.

For a complete list of mobile device features supported see our ViziApps Features page.

Let’s look at how important device features are in a typical mobile workflow example.

Taking an auto detailing service on the road

Here is a mobile app for managing a mobile automobile detailing service call.

I know I’m dating myself, but there was a time when you had to go to a service location in order to have your vehicle detailed. Now mobile apps are helping enable new disruptive services for auto detailing technicians to make ‘house calls’ or ‘office calls’.

The tech’s job is made easier using a mobile app to manage his/her workflow and eliminate the need to write up any paperwork. Of course, that doesn’t mean the app details the car for you. What it does though is take advantage of the mobile device features built into the app to reduce service call times, help eliminate human errors, and improve the customer experience.

When the tech pulls up the calendar of work orders for the day using the app, leveraging the Quickbase data backend, a custom map with the day’s routing plan is shown based on customer locations using the geo-location capabilities

With the push of a button in the app, the tech calls or texts the customer letting them know of their ETA. This action is logged in the customer’s record.

The tech scans the customer’s VIN barcode to compare against the owner’s registration to confirm the vehicle and list the services ordered.

The app shows the tech the checklist of detailing ordered by the customer. The customer confirms the service request by applying their electronic signature to approve the order.

If the tech finds damage or other issues, they can take a photo with the app. That photo now becomes part of the service report.

When the work is completed, a tap on the app sends the full service report and payment processing information to the detailing service home office and the receipt to the customer.

One more tap on the app directs the tech to his/her next customer or back home at the end of the day.

Leveraging ViziApps’ rapid mobile app creation power, the auto detailing company created this mobile app in just three weeks.

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