CP&S Detail supplies appearance services to automobile dealerships onsite.

Car Detailer buffing out an automobile hoodSuccessful automobile dealerships are very good at selling and buying cars, selling parts, and providing repair services. However, dealerships are challenged to cost-effectively staff and maintain detailing services given the inconsistency of labor demands over the course of any given month. This is where CP&S Detail comes in.

CP&S Detail has been providing automotive dealers with innovative products, services, and solutions for over 26 years. CP&S offers a complete line of chemicals and equipment, a trained labor force, Car Wash Systems, Automotive Detailing Services, and related training.

Enter ViziApps® – No Code Platform AND Development Partner Services

To deliver the automotive detailing services required by the dealerships, CP&S Detail needed an effective mobile workflow app, DetailMgr, that they could easily use to manage their work shifts and provide CP&S management with visibility and accountability of their work results. DetailMgr needed to track each employee, what they are paid, the hours they work, the tasks they completed and how efficiently they completed each task. Capturing these data points using DetailMgr tells CP&S Detail in real time if they are making money and what adjustments are needed at each dealership.

Smart Phones. Smart Homes.
Why not Smart Livestock Management?

Cows standing in a pastureIn the Feb 18, 2015 Forbes article, “The Future of Agriculture? Smart Farming,” contributing author Federico Guerrini wrote “The agricultural sector is going to face enormous challenges in order to feed the 9.6 billion people that the FAO predicts are going to inhabit the planet by 2050: Food production must increase by 70% by 2050, and this has to be achieved in spite of the limited availability of arable lands, the increasing need for fresh water (agriculture consumes 70 per cent of the world's fresh water supply), and other less predictable factors, such as the impact of climate change, which, according a recent report by the UN could lead, among other things, to changes to seasonal events in the life cycle of plant and animals.”

Guerrini wrote further, “One way to address these issues and increase the quality and quantity of agricultural production is using sensing technology to make farms more "intelligent" and more connected through the so-called "precision agriculture" also known as ‘smart farming’.”

This is the problem Outsource Technical Concepts is addressing with AgVis, their precision livestock monitoring solution. And they are doing so with ViziApps for the mobile app.

Check out a new case study we want you to take a look at. We think you’ll be suitably impressed.

This case study involves a large retailer operating many department stores and a sizable online business, worldwide. They had a problem they wanted to solve. At its many warehouses, the retailer looked to replace a time-consuming and labor-intensive process used to report on and launch corrective action with the correct product supplier for quality and damage issues of incoming goods -– a process that involved three workers, a camera, and a clipboard.

Sounds like old school, doesn’t it?

Delivery Error Corrections appThe retailer's Operations Logistics team used ViziApps to rapidly create a mobile app that replaced the clipboard, camera, and three workers with one worker and a smartphone -- reducing their inspection and reporting times and costs as much as 65%. And, they did it while leveraging their Quick Base® investment.

Read the full case study to learn more.

Sandeep Raut, in his CIO Watercooler article , User Experience Design – a key to Digital Transformation, published 6th September 2018, writes “A UX design can supercharge productivity, add immense value to customer interactions, and help employees love their jobs. He goes on to say “Overall UX design should have short navigation steps so users require very few clicks to get the information they want. It should be based on responsive web designs so applications maintain full functionality, usability and appeal on different browsers and screens from desktop to laptops to tablets to smartphones.”

Successful digital transformation requires efficient mobile app user adoption, and that requires an effective mobile user experience. The ViziApps’ platform focuses on the creation and management of responsive mobile business process apps with optimal workflow and simple and efficient UX navigation. Using ViziApps LogicBuilder™, you can rapidly create custom mobile workflow apps with branded UX, optimal UX navigation, and use of mobile device features, all with no code. These LogicBuilder Functions enable Citizen Developers, IT Professionals, and Solution Providers to rapidly create robust and even complex Mobile First business process and workflow apps using visual drag ‘n drop techniques, not coding. What’s delivered to the end user is a simple UI designed to focus the user on the task at hand, providing them with just the information and options they need to take next-step actions via the device in their hands. Некоторые молодые девушки хотят узнать, как ведут себя в постели их отцы, поэтому они и устраивают с мужиками настоящий инцест. Видео с таким сюжетом смотрите на сайте https://порно-инцест.com/otec-i-doch . Секс отца и дочери обычно происходит в домашней обстановке, когда мама уходит на работу. Папаша просто заводит сучку с помощью куни, а потом получает от телки минет и киску для траха.

ViziApps helps speed Digital Transformation. ViziApps helps your mobile employees love their jobs.