EMPOWER2018 is NEXT WEEK! It's Quick Base’s annual user conference.

Will you be there??? ViziApps will be.

Join George Adams, Co-founder and CEO of ViziApps, and Mike Hansborough, CEO and President of MCF Technology, in MCF Technology’s private room, Room 306, at the JW Marriott. We’ve scheduled two sessions for Going Mobile with Quickbase:

  • Tuesday, June 5 @ 8:00 am - 8:30 am CT (During breakfast)
  • Wednesday, June 6 @ 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm CT (During lunch)
We’ll be discussing going mobile with Quick Base. With ViziApps, mobile-first workflow apps can access and use Quick Base data and applications. Mobile-first apps quickly developed with ViziApps enable mobile workers to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently. Best of all, these mobile apps can take advantage of all the fantastic device-driven data such as photos, barcode scans, and GPS geo-location, and can operate OFFLINE using real-time data and mobile app workflow logic.

MCFTech, a leader in Quick Base and ViziApps application development, can help you put it all together. Our clients enjoy the power of seamless ecosystems with both desktop and mobile users. Unlock the power of Quick Base for your Mobile Workforce today. Stop by room 306 and let us show you all the possibilities.

Feel free to bring your meal or join us after you eat.

Companies whose business models are based on serving customers in the field are challenged with how to enable their field service personnel with the right tools and information to make certain they are productive, efficient, and deliver quality service to ensure customer success.

There are millions of field technicians employed in service industries worldwide. The number is expected to grow.

Field service employees don’t work alone. They are part of a team including the in-office personnel who are all contributors to the business workflow -- tracking service activities, labor costs, inventory, and other key data. Automating this workflow and real-time data capture and reporting increases productivity and efficiency. Platforms like Quick Base make it easy to create desktop solutions that streamline these processes supporting on-premises workers, capturing real-time data and improving company operations.

When developing your mobile-first app, take advantage of all the features built into your mobile device to optimize the capabilities of the app, e.g. camera, geo-location, mapping, wayfinding, audio recording, that aren’t easily accessible from a laptop.

ViziApps Studio offers a list of mobile device actions from which you can select as you build your mobile app. With ViziApps, you can use all the device features in your mobile app - with no coding.

For a complete list of mobile device features supported: ViziApps features

Let’s look at how important device features are in a typical mobile workflow example.

Taking an auto detailing service on the road
Here is a mobile app for managing a mobile automobile detailing service call.

In last week’s post, we talked about the five requirements for creating effective mobile-first business workflow apps.

The benefits of an effective business workflow app developed from a mobile-first perspective can significantly minimize transaction times, shorten approval cycles, reduce data-entry errors and accelerate sales customer service resolution cycles, thereby reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

So, how do you get business processes off of laptops and desktops to the smartphones and tablets right in the hands of your mobile workforce? You start by designing the optimum mobile workflow logic, then rapidly transforming that into the mobile app with ViziApps.