• Connecting your Workflow Databases with ViziApps

    So what databases can ViziApps mobile apps work with?

    Databases including SQL Server, MySQL, 35 other SQL databases, and QuickBase, and even Intuit QuickBooks, Google Sheets and Salesforce can all connect to your mobile apps built with ViziApps with no coding.

    So, why this is important?

    Databases are where all of your key business process information is updated and stored. But most databases (even SaaS databases) are not very mobile friendly. With mobile changing the way your workforce, partners, and customers do business, it is vital for you to connect to these databases in your business mobile apps.

    Now, with mobile apps, there are some functions that can only be performed by the phone (e.g. taking a photo of a damaged product). Without ViziApps, if you need to store that photo as a database record, you need to write code to the API for the database. The beauty of ViziApps is that it has already created the connection between your mobile app and the record in the database with no coding. Just take the photo, and it will be there in your database.

    Now, you might be a company that is in that hybrid phase, where some information is in the SaaS environment and some critical information in an on-premise Oracle database. Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect the two databases together via the ViziApps mobile app – keeping all of the information required in their respective places but sharing it too? An example of this, say you have to maintain a vacation calendar of you employees so that you can pay them accordingly. In QuickBase, there is an app that allows for an employee to update their vacation dates. In Oracle, on premise database stores all of the PII and pay information. That needs to be updated when an employee requests time-off. QuickBase and Oracle are not connected. Wouldn’t it be great that an employee could just enter their info on a mobile app that updates the calendar in QuickBase and then that updates the info in Oracle, as well? With ViziApps you can do that. Create an app that points to QuickBase info. When info in the QuickBase connected app is updated, it triggers a sequence of events that tells another app in Oracle to update the vacation dates. All of this connectivity and the triggering are done by ViziApps.

    As always, the ViziApps Visual Rapid Mobile App Dev Platform gives you the User Experience flexibility, security, database support, and ease of customization to make your mobile apps a big success with your users.

    ViziApps makes it work. Give it a try!

  • How to Incorporate Camera and GPS Features in Your Mobile App

    The camera and GPS are two features of mobile devices that users particularly enjoy using. To help businesses use ViziApps to create hybrid mobile apps with those features, we have a new a tutorial video.

    Watch this video to allow users to take pictures within the app you’re creating with ViziApps. The video also demonstrates how to easily save photos for use in a mobile business app

    In addition to the camera, the GPS is another powerful function that many app creators want to make available to their users. The video shows how to insert a GPS field anywhere in an app and use the latitude and longitude variables to load a map. It also explains how to save location data to a web data source for address detection or distance calculations. The GPS field is particularly useful for displaying a list of nearby stores or other businesses, for example, or to store a user’s location for other purposes.

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