More than 60% of the top websites use Google Analytics to understand their’ users behavior, and exploit this understanding to improve user experience and achieve better business results.

So doesn’t it make sense that you would want that same kind of analytical power to understand how people are using your mobile apps?

ViziApps makes it very simple to use your existing or new Google Analytics accounts with your custom mobile apps to get this same kind of measurement and analysis.

Read how to do it at ViziApps Wiki: Google Analytics.

Measure Pages, Buttons, and More

With a few simple instructions, you can measure any page that is viewed or any button that is pressed. The Real Time dashboard on Google Analytics will show your user’s app activity as it is happening. You automatically get important information such as the user’s platform and session duration.

Analytics ScreenShot

Creating any custom event that you want to measure and report with Google Analytics is easy. An example event might be when a specific data upload has been successful. ViziApps even provides you with the hooks to make use of any common hit types, such as eCommerce tracking.

Since mobile apps are being widely adopted in all corners of the world, it’s often important for users to be able to access and use mobile apps in their native language. ViziApps supports this need by allowing any language to be used.

Design with International Languages

ViziApps is a WYSIWYG design studio for mobile apps, where many of the design elements are simply created as text properties of a mobile device field. For example, you can create a button and place it anywhere on a page, and then fill in the title property of that button with any text you like, in any language you like, including Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Danish, and any other.

International Languages

This language flexibility is extended to all of the fields in ViziApps that display text, including tables, text labels, pickers, HTML panels, and more. And your app users can enter their text data using their native language, for example using a text input field, and then that text data can be saved to a remote database or spreadsheet in its native language.

There are some occasions where you need to display information such as currency or dates using the format of a user’s locale, so ViziApps incorporates the PhoneGap/Cordova Globalization capabilities to make this easier.

When you are ready to publish your app to an app store or Mobile App Management system, you can also create an app name using any language.

Getting started with ViziApps is easier than ever with Neil Perlin’s new book: Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding. This book is now available in paperback and Kindle editions on

Neil Perlin Book

ViziApps is the easiest way to create custom mobile apps, even if you’ve never written a line of code. But often a book is the best guide to start using a new tool. Neil’s book is a comprehensive guide to using ViziApps with many examples, yet it is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions.

Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding will guide you to creating your first custom mobile app in less than an hour. You will then be on your way to using ViziApps’ more advanced features like the phone’s Camera and GPS, and integrating live data from the cloud into your app.

Written by acclaimed technology author and documentation consultant Neil Perlin, the book’s clear style is presented with many working examples and pictures. Visit to learn more about how Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding will jump-start your custom mobile app development. Also read the latest on Neil’s blog, DIY Mobile.

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We are delighted to announce that the Salesforce ViziApps Mobile Pack is now available from!

We’ve been working with to create and certify the Salesforce ViziApps Mobile Pack. Our Mobile Pack can help you fully integrate your data in your mobile app’s user device event-driven workflow without coding, then publish your app to the Apple App Store, Google Play, or directly to your enterprise users. See more about the Salesforce ViziApps Mobile Pack at the Salesforce website: Salesforce Mobile Packs.

ViziApps offers a unique platform for building mobile apps. Not only can you design free-form app pages that express exactly the user experience for your app, but you can use all the user device features needed for true mobile business processes, including GPS, push notifications, camera, QR and bar code scanning, charts, and much more.

Salesforce Media Pack Studio

The ViziApps no-coding approach even extends to data integration. You can query and update any of your objects, and associate your data with almost any of the ViziApps fields available to you. Plus you can use Salesforce objects data with backend data from other sources such as SQL databases, Google Spreadsheets, and Intuit QuickBase – all right in the same app.

Visit our information page to sign up and start building mobile apps:

Create Custom Mobile Apps with Salesforce Data