• Large Retailer’s Mobile App Helps Speed Delivery Error Corrections

    Check out a new case study we want you to take a look at. We think you’ll be suitably impressed.

    This case study involves a large retailer operating many department stores and a sizable online business, worldwide. They had a problem they wanted to solve. At its many warehouses, the retailer looked to replace a time-consuming and labor-intensive process used to report on and launch corrective action with the correct product supplier for quality and damage issues of incoming goods -– a process that involved three workers, a camera, and a clipboard.

    Sounds like old school, doesn’t it?

    Delivery Error Corrections appThe retailer's Operations Logistics team used ViziApps to rapidly create a mobile app that replaced the clipboard, camera, and three workers with one worker and a smartphone -- reducing their inspection and reporting times and costs as much as 65%. And, they did it while leveraging their Quick Base® investment.

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