Enterprise Mobility

Companies with thousands to hundreds of thousands of employees have special requirements. Instead of the one or two internal apps that a small company might need to improve its operations and efficiency, your company may need dozens to hundreds of mobile business apps for your employees, partners and supply chain. It would not be cost effective to develop those with custom code, and it would take way too long.


ViziApps, makes it both affordable and efficient to create a large number of robust mobile business apps. We enable your company to standardize on the ViziApps platform, so that your workers can rapidly create mobile business apps themselves. We do this by delivering a mobile app builder that creates user-experience design, secure data access, device feature use, and offline operation with no-coding, and business logic with no- to low-coding.


Beyond its intuitive, no-code method to create apps, you have access to all of ViziApps’ more advanced features such as:

  • Easy, secure integration with corporate data stored in Salesforce, SQL databases available via web services, QuickBase, Google Sheets, IoT and many other sources
  • Custom, contextual logic that provides an optimal app experience with full mobile workflow
  • Full use of mobile ViziApps QuickBase apps when offline, with updating of data when the user later goes online; ViziApps is the only no-code Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) platform that provides this.
  • Use of such smartphone features as camera, GPS, bar code scanning, signature capture, contacts, email, notification and many others.


And with our Enterprise offering we add the special services that you need.

  • Instead to being hosted on ViziApps’ shared public cloud infrastructure, your company has the option to host your own ViziApps Private Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Your company can take advantage of ViziApps’ enterprise mobilization and onboarding service, that enables citizen developers in your company to build their own mobile apps. With this service ViziApps provides your company with:
  1. ViziApps Mobilizing Opportunities: Presentation of ViziApps mobile app capabilities, applications and road map.
  2. Business Context: Assessing the business opportunities and challenges involved with implementing ViziApps mobility to specific business workflows within the company’s business context.
  3. Goals: Assessing and formulating the criteria, requirements and goals for solving the business problems with ViziApps mobility.
  4. Plans: Formulating the project plans to prepare, develop, test and publish the ViziApps mobility solutions with personnel and deliverable milestones. This also includes helping determine the Key Performance Indicators of mobility success in the company’s overall business objectives and resources.
  5. Mobile App Design Training: Training for ViziApps users to understand how to do app design, story-boarding and experience design; custom app logic, data query logic and use of device features.
  6. Implementation: Assist in execution and monitoring of the project plans, if needed for the first projects.
  7. Accountability: Assist in managing the accountability and updates of the mobility implementations and provide special reports, if needed for the first projects.


ViziApps is the ideal solution for mid-market and enterprise companies that need to rapidly and affordably build dozens or hundreds of mobile apps.

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