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  • Create Custom Mobile Apps for QuickBooks Online

    QuickBooks Online is the rapidly growing cloud version of the world’s most popular accounting program. But when it comes to mobile apps, QuickBooks Online has been constrained to a standardized one-size-fits-all mobile app, and a few special-purpose solutions available through Intuit App Center.

    QuickBooks Screenshot

    Now ViziApps removes all the constraints! You can build the mobile app that exactly suits your business processes, or for your QuickBooks online clients. ViziApps enables you to directly read data from and write data into your QuickBooks Online account. You can use data from other sources to eliminate the inefficiency and mistakes that can occur when a user has to access multiple apps to use different systems. You can empower your workers to be highly productive anywhere, anytime, using exactly the workflow needed to get tasks done quickly.

    And using ViziApps Studio, which doesn’t require coding, you can build your custom app quickly, inexpensively, and without involving a large team of developers. And you can update your app at any time, immediately pushing the new version to your users.

    Find our more about Building Custom Mobile Apps for QuickBooks Online.

    Secure Mobile Apps

    When you create a custom mobile app with ViziApps for QuickBooks Online, every user must log in to the app with their QuickBooks Online account and password – a process that happens directly with Intuit, bypassing ViziApps and your app. Your app communicates directly and securely with Intuit’s servers, keeping your data safe.

    Mobile-First Workflow

    Mobile device users need to get specific tasks done quickly, and with small screens and touch input, demanding the user experience to be optimized in a different way than for web applications. ViziApps Studio uses a page-based organization with free-form layout, enabling you to express the exact workflow for workers to get their tasks done quickly and accurately.

    Mashups with Your Backend and Cloud Data

    In addition to QuickBooks Online, ViziApps can connect your app to Google Sheets,, Intuit QuickBase, and SQL servers. Need to pull product pricing or inventory data from a Google Drive Spreadsheet, SQL database, or QuickBase? Need to check customer data from ViziApps makes this all possible within a single mobile app, and much more.

    True Mobile User Experiences

    ViziApps gives you access to critical smartphone features including GPS, camera, and audio recording, but also extends with important mobility features such as barcode and QR scanning, signature capture, and push notifications. So your custom mobile app becomes a true productivity tool that can transform your business.

  • Mobile First … Moving Beyond Responsive Web Design to Mobile Apps

    Geoff Bock just posted interesting insights on Mobile First Strategy at TechTarget.

    Mobile First

    Here’s an summary

    Websites that perform well across multiple devices are the hallmark of a strong mobile-first strategy, but custom-built mobile apps can improve productivity by expediting specific activities.

    If your Web Content Management System supports Responsive Web Design and dynamic templates, you can create the content once and adapt the presentations to the form factors and navigation links of different device types.

    But there is more to Mobile First than consistent content presentation. Beyond keeping tabs on the latest weather reports or sharing immediate thoughts on Twitter, consider how mobile apps can engage users and simplify work-related tasks. With smart devices in our pockets and handbags, content in the palms of our hands can expedite user engagement.

    A mobile-first strategy can spawn a new generation of apps designed to support the micro-moments, when getting access to just the right information at the right time assists decision making. These are task-oriented apps that connect to multiple information sources and diverse content collections running in the cloud, and that provides the tools to mobilize moments of engagement.

    In short, content presentation is only the initial step in the mobile journey. A mobile-first strategy can evolve to support task-oriented mobile apps that transform business processes, remove communication barriers and increase productivity.

    For his full post, go to: Mobile First Apps

  • New Book Guides Making ViziApps Mobile Apps

    Getting started with ViziApps is easier than ever with Neil Perlin’s new book: Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding. This book is now available in paperback and Kindle editions on

    Neil Perlin Book

    ViziApps is the easiest way to create custom mobile apps, even if you’ve never written a line of code. But often a book is the best guide to start using a new tool. Neil’s book is a comprehensive guide to using ViziApps with many examples, yet it is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions.

    Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding will guide you to creating your first custom mobile app in less than an hour. You will then be on your way to using ViziApps’ more advanced features like the phone’s Camera and GPS, and integrating live data from the cloud into your app.

    Written by acclaimed technology author and documentation consultant Neil Perlin, the book’s clear style is presented with many working examples and pictures. Visit to learn more about how Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding will jump-start your custom mobile app development. Also read the latest on Neil’s blog, DIY Mobile.

    To get Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding click here.

  • Publish Your Mobile Apps In An Instant

    ViziApps has pioneered fast creation of custom mobile apps without the need for coding. However, you may need a faster more controlled way to distribute your apps than available through the public app stores.

    Now you can also publish your custom mobile apps directly into the hands of your iPhone, iPad, and Android users, literally in minutes, with ViziApps Instant Publisher.

    The Need for Instant Publishing

    There are a number of situations where you may not want your custom mobile app to be distributed through a public app store:

    • Your app is only to be used by company insiders and channel/supply partners
    • Your app contains ideas, concepts, or intellectual property you don’t want competitors to see
    • You want to avoid the complexity, delays, and cost of publishing through public app markets
    • You need fast distribution to a limited set of users
    • Your user population is small
    • You are conducting a Beta or Pilot test

    How It Works

    ViziApps Instant Publisher™ creates a special App Installation Web Page, unique for your app, that guides your users through a simple and fast installation process.

    ViziApps also creates a unique App Invitation Card which contains a short URL and QR code that will bring your users directly to the App Installation Web Page.

    State Capitols Invitation Card

    App Invitation Card

    Your users open your installed app directly from your custom branded App Icon on their device home screen, and the same published app can run on both Apple and Android devices. ViziApps Instant Publisher is available to use with the latest version of ViziApps from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

    Try installing the demo app shown in the Invitation Card above to see how Instant Publisher works.

  • Mobile Pack for ViziApps

    We are delighted to announce that the Salesforce ViziApps Mobile Pack is now available from!

    We’ve been working with to create and certify the Salesforce ViziApps Mobile Pack. Our Mobile Pack can help you fully integrate your data in your mobile app’s user device event-driven workflow without coding, then publish your app to the Apple App Store, Google Play, or directly to your enterprise users. See more about the Salesforce ViziApps Mobile Pack at the Salesforce website: Salesforce Mobile Packs.

    ViziApps offers a unique platform for building mobile apps. Not only can you design free-form app pages that express exactly the user experience for your app, but you can use all the user device features needed for true mobile business processes, including GPS, push notifications, camera, QR and bar code scanning, charts, and much more.

    Salesforce Media Pack Studio

    The ViziApps no-coding approach even extends to data integration. You can query and update any of your objects, and associate your data with almost any of the ViziApps fields available to you. Plus you can use Salesforce objects data with backend data from other sources such as SQL databases, Google Spreadsheets, and Intuit QuickBase – all right in the same app.

    Visit our information page to sign up and start building mobile apps:

    Create Custom Mobile Apps with Salesforce Data

  • ViziApps Adds Indoor Maps and Navigation with Micello Partnership and Integration

    Micello, Inc., the leading global provider of indoor maps and navigation data, announced its partnership with ViziApps. The new partnership will empower venue owners and ViziApps customers to quickly include and interact with Micello indoor maps in their mobile apps. In the last few years, Micello has generated indoor maps for over 25,000 venues around the world.

    ViziApps’ Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) platform that has made it possible for enterprises to rapidly create mobile apps with rich user experiences, backend data and Internet of Things (IoT) access, use of native device features, and offline data sync, all without coding. ViziApps also enables seamless use of JavaScript for virtually unlimited app customization. ViziApps allows users to create mobile apps on iOS and Android phones and tablets much faster and at far less cost than coded development methods.

    “We are thrilled to welcome ViziApps into our growing Marketplace of integrations,” said Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Micello. “The customers will benefit from the rapid build and deployment of the mobile apps and integration of applications with our structured maps and data. This will significantly shorten the time to market while providing integrated indoor location services experience,” he added.

    “We were pleasantly surprised to see how easy and fast we’ve made it for our users to include the use of Micello indoor maps in their ViziApps mobile apps,” said George Adams, CEO and Co-founder of ViziApps. “They can now quickly deploy indoor location based marketing campaigns, logistics processes, and navigation, along with the use of backend data and native device features in their iOS and Android business mobile app workflow.”

    Micello is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with operating offices in Ahmedabad, India and Tokyo, Japan. To learn more about Micello, please visit Micello.

  • ViziApps Selected to show Rapid Mobile App Innovation at TechJam 2015!

    gtj logo

    The Mass Technology Leadership Council selected ViziApps to demo our Rapid Mobile App Platform at TechJam 2015. See us there Thursday May 11th in Boston: