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Many mobile apps let users add material to the app’s database. Think notes apps, reminder apps, or photo albums, for example. Can you do this with ViziApps? Yes.

I took advantage of this capability for an app that listed BBQ restaurants around Austin, TX, which I created for a conference in the Texas capital. I started with a list of restaurants in the database, in a Google Docs spreadsheet. Conference attendees could list the restaurants by name or city by tapping the appropriate button on the app page. Then, assuming that no Texan would trust a Yankee’s assessment of BBQ restaurants, I added a social media element that let attendees add their own listings. How did it work?

Tapping an “Add Your Own” button opened a page where users could insert a restaurant’s name, city, and web page. (I could have added additional entry fields like address or rating but wanted to keep the app simple.) Users could fill out some or all of the fields and tap a Submit button to send the entry to a “restaurants” worksheet in the Google Docs spreadsheet and get a “thanks for your entry” response in return.

Any user could then tap one of the “list…” buttons to see the new entry, and all the entries, in the list – a two-column table. Tapping any entry in the table opened a Details page listing all the information for the restaurant. (For your mobile app, you could narrow the choices by requiring users to log in and then only show their specific listings, but that could losethe social media benefit.)

Several thoughts about designing an app this way…

  • This social media component is generalizable to almost any category of thing – BBQ restaurants, museums, golf courses, etc.
  • Social media lets you tap into the “wisdom of the crowd.” For example, residents of Austin knew more about the local BBQ scene than I did. I took advantage of that knowledge by letting them add to the database.
  • The social media capability lets contributors show off by adding a “Referred by” field that includes the contributor’s name on the details page. It may seem silly but it can be very appealing to contributors.

Some thoughts about design…

  • Typing on a virtual keyboard isn’t easy. Try to offer alternatives to text entry, like a tappable table, picker, or wheel (for mobile business apps for iPhone or Android smartphones).
  • Using a table, picker/wheel also has the benefit of “bounding” user entries. For example, ask users to type a city name and you may get the right name, the wrong name, a misspelled name, or no name. But giving users a preset list in a picker, for example, helps focus their entries.
  • On the downside, these features use a lot of screen space that you may not want to spare. You could split data entry across several pages, but users might view the app as more complex than it really is and not use it. You’ll need to strike a balance among ease of use, comprehensiveness of data, and screen space.
  • The app’s owner will have to periodically remove junk entries like “xxx” or MyTest” from the database, but this is pretty simple.

In summary, think about adding a social media component to your app. You’ll get user participation and engagement, and, with ViziApps, it’s pretty easy to do.

Neil Perlin is the president of Hyper/Word Services, a mobile and online help development, consulting, and training company. You can reach him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,, @NeilEric.

Charles Carroll Financial Partners, which manages over $30 million in assets, selected the ViziApps online tool over other mobile development solutions because of its simple, straightforward design process. The iPad app Charles Carroll created with ViziApps eliminates the need to carry a large set of documents to client meetings. In this way, it has streamlined business processes to the point where employees no longer rely on a paper-based approach to opening and closing discretionary management accounts.

“The iPad app that we created with ViziApps has added value and depth to the services we provide to our client base,” said Bill Hayes, Charles Carroll CEO. “Not only does this app give us a more professional appearance, it also helps us do business faster and affords us control over who has access to the accounts and documentation necessary in our line of work.”

Watch a video where Bill Hayes explains why he selected ViziApps.

“At one point, we actually tried to hire a development team to work on this project,” said Hayes. “Given the high costs and long time-to-market of their approach, we sought another option to help us implement our mobility strategy. With ViziApps, the ability for us to create our custom app, without having sophisticated development skills, was huge. We were able to accomplish exactly what we wanted in a constructive way during the build-out because we, and not an outside development team, controlled that process.”

  • Using ViziApps, Charles Carroll was able to quickly create and publish their iPad app without the need for coding.
  • The company was able to test and can upgrade their app for free; they only pay a modest publishing fee once published.
  • With ViziApps, the app accesses data from Google Docs, and the necessary security and redundancy measures are provided to meet data protection compliance requirements

“More and more businesses are realizing how easy it is to create, publish, and update powerful mobile apps using ViziApps, where they have direct control over the entire process,” said George Adams, Co-Founder and CEO, ViziApps. “Using ViziApps, financial services firms and other organizations can now create their own branded iPad apps to access business forms, brochures, client lists, videos and other data resources to make highly visual presentations, wherever their meetings take place.” Молодая девушка резко намокла и захотела трахнуться. В этот момент рядом с ней спал парень. Интересует порно спящих? Смотри, как спящих ебут тут. В этот раз всё было наоборот. Девушка отсосала член дремлющему парню и поебалась с ним.

Thousands of users are now utilizing the ViziApps platform, with its drag-and-drop approach to creating mobile apps that include enterprise-class data management capabilities not available with any other solution. ViziApps 2.0 features powerful data management capabilities for accessing and managing information stored in Google Docs spreadsheets for use in both native mobile and web apps. ViziApps also supports accessing and managing information stored in SQL databases and other backend resources via web services for native mobile apps.

According to just-published survey results from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) “56 percent of Americans believe that technology has made it easier to spend money and only three out of 100 say it has made it easier to save.”

Perhaps that 3 percent was thinking about mobile apps designed to help you save money when you spend.

Like GasBuddy. This app, free for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone devices and the mobile web, depends on a community of users in the U.S. and Canada to report gas prices and keep its data up to date. GasBuddy lets you search for gas prices by city, state, province and postal code. (Today it helped me find gas for $0.02 less than the average price in the state where I live.)

GasBuddy is just one of countless apps designed to help consumers find good deals when they shop. And for people who want to manage their money wisely, there are mobile apps for handling personal budgets, banking, and investing – and many of those apps are free.

Other mobile apps help save money by saving time. Like GPS apps that help drivers reach their destinations by taking the shortest route or using only highways.

Commenting on the AICPA’s survey results, Jordan Amin, chairman of the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission, said, “Our gadgets and connections can bring benefits like mobility and efficiency. В реальности не всегда встретишь телочку, которая даст согласие на еблю двумя членами, но это можно найти как раз в порно роликах, где каждая распутница добровольно выпрашивает двойное проникновение от партнеров. Для такого вида секса подойдет любая поза, чтобы парни смогли легко засаживать члены в две обе дырочки одновременно. Девки стонут от восторга и даже струйно кончают. But they can also bring financial challenges, like taking money that could go to savings, for instance, or contributing to credit card debt. We have to mind these expenses and budget for them to ensure the benefits outweigh the costs.”

True. And there are plenty of mobile apps to help us try to do just that.

Check out the new video in the ViziApps Studio. It will help you get a jump on your mobile business app.

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If you’re a beginner, you might want to take advantage of one of the ViziApps templates. They let you base your design on one of ours while you customize it to meet your particular requirements. Мне давно нужен был диплом техникума, поскольку имею образование сотрудника лесничего хозяйства, но никак не мог решиться на услугу, которой не доверял. После изучения специализированных сайтов и форумов, а также знакомства с отзывами клиентов решил купить диплом об окончании техникума в компании, которая меня заинтересовала. Менеджер выслушал меня, попросил правильно заполнить анкету и уже через несколько дней новенький диплом был у меня на руках. Благодаря этой услуге, мне не пришлось тратить большие деньги и время на учебу. Other videos in the ViziApps Studio will help you brand your mobile app and understand your options for providing it with the data needed to make it an effective tool for your target users.