If you’ve been thinking about creating a mobile app for your business but haven’t made much progress, consider two approaches that could help you reach your goal.

#1 Make a do-it-yourself mobile app.

New, disruptive technologies are making it possible for business people with basic office software skills to develop effective, visually appealing mobile apps. And with a robust DIY mobile app platform like ViziApps, enterprise business units, as well as small and medium sized businesses, can create mobile applications without skilled engineering resources. This approach does not require a sizable mobile app development budget or the technical expertise of an internal IT group or an outside programmer.

Mobile application development platforms that provide a drag-and-drop process for designing and creating mobile apps offer a way to meet the mobile app gap many businesses are experiencing. In significantly less time that it can take to design and develop an enterprise-quality application, a business can design and build a custom mobile app and publish it in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.

At a time when businesses are looking at ways to provide better customer service, the DIY approach offers significant cost and time savings, putting affordable mobile business apps within reach of organizations of all sizes.

#2 Enlist Expert Services to Build A DIY Mobile App

Producing a sophisticated mobile business app that incorporates business data from a Google Docs spreadsheet or SQL server can be accomplished in days on a platform like ViziApps. But for some people, even a day or two is more than they can spare to build a mobile app.

Those businesses can still take advantage of the cost and time savings the ViziApps “no coding” mobile app platform offers. ViziApps app development professionals work with business owners and enterprise managers to design and create mobile apps for a tenth the cost (or even less) than the cost of a traditional enterprise application. Now, those businesses can get a branded web, native, or hybrid app to meet their functional and aesthetic specifications built for them at very low cost.

Depending on their preferences, we can utilize the features of an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet and provide access to whatever data our customers require. For example, we work on apps designed to expand revenue-generating channels, incorporating features such as geo-location marketing, mobile payments and mobile social media integration, as well as apps for internal use.

Whichever approach a business takes to creating a mobile app, the DIY path or the route leveraging ViziApps professional app design services, the result is an attractive, low-cost mobile app tailored to meet current business needs and be updated easily whenever those needs change.

Taking part in conferences and trade shows can be overwhelming. Participants find themselves in an unfamiliar, often hectic environment, and typically put in long hours on their feet.

A well-designed mobile conference app can improve that experience significantly. Serving as a useful event guide, it can provide an easy way to consult session and special event schedules, find a good restaurant, and navigate the conference venue. By placing all the information participants need right in their hands, a mobile app eliminates confusion, simplifies scheduling and allows both attendees and exhibitors to focus on business.

ViziApps lets conference and convention center management, as well as show sponsors, build custom mobile apps for use on the iPhone, iPad or Android smartphones or tablets. Using a drag-and-drop approach and without coding, they use ViziApps to design and make a mobile app like the sample shown here.

Conference App Generic

Or, if they prefer, a ViziApps mobile app design professional will build one, tailored to their business requirements.

And now, with newly integrated in-app payment processing capability from ROAM Data, a conference app built with ViziApps can be used for on-the-go payments on a conference show floor. Если вам нравится смотреть на то, как ебутся друг с другом женщины, то обязательно посмотрите на наших телок, которые могут показать отменный секс в домашней обстановке и не только. русские лесбиянки могут ебаться где угодно. Часто можно увидеть, как красивые сучки сношаются на работе или как молодые телки делают куни друг дружке на пляже. Все это можно увидеть на нашем сайте.

By offering access to rich data sources, like Google Docs spreadsheets, SQL databases, and web content, a mobile conference app can also provide an easy, convenient way to keep internal users, like convention center staff, informed and productive.

To understand your options for building a hybrid, native, or web conference app, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or check out a sampling of the types of app you can build with ViziApps here.

ViziApps, Inc. (formerly MobiFlex, Inc.), whose ViziApps™ mobile platform enables inexpensive creation and publishing of data-rich mobile apps with no coding, and ROAM Data, the leading mCommerce platform-as-a-service provider, announced today they have partnered to deliver to businesses the ability to create custom mCommerce mobile apps without coding. Through this partnership, ViziApps and ROAM Data are delivering the first ‘no-coding’ mobile app creation platform to enable businesses to easily create their own custom branded mobile apps to process mobile payment transactions with and without card swipes, while avoiding the costs and complex nature of custom coded application development projects.

Read the entire article here.

A new report from Juniper Research predicts that in-app advertising spend across all mobile devices will reach $7.1 billion by 2015. That’s an increase of $4.7B from 2012 figures. The additional spend on in-app ads will result from greater use of rich media in ads related to greater app usage.

“Mobile advertising gives marketers the chance to reach consumers on a more personal level than any other type of advertising,” according to report author Charlotte Miller. “Creating immersive and entertaining experiences to attract the attention of the consumer is essential for marketers wanting to take advantage of the massive increase in app usage.”

Earlier this year, another Juniper Research report, “Mobile Apps Stores: Future Business Models & Ecosystem Analysis 2012-2016‘”predicted that mobile app downloads will top 66 billion annually by 2016. That forecast is for twice the number (31B) downloaded in 2011.

Anyone deciding whether to develop an app for a smartphone or tablet might be interested to know that Juniper Research expects that growth in downloads to be primarily driven by smartphones, but that by 2016 nearly one in four downloads will occur on a tablet.

Dr. Windsor Holden, who authored the download study report, provided some insight into the marketing and CRM benefits of mobile apps. Таймвивер - программа для удалённого управления компьютерными или мобильными устройствами. Данная программа постоянно обновляется до новых версий. Скачать Teamviewer 13 можно на сайте У этой версии в сравнении с предыдущими 11 и 12 повышенная скорость работы примерно в 5 раз, появилась возможность подключения сразу нескольких экранов, а также автоматического сбора необходимой информации.

“Consumers are now demanding 24/7 access to services – retail, financial, information, entertainment – wherever they are. As a result, brands that wish to remain competitive have turned to apps as part of an integrated multichannel distribution system: they have become a critical mechanism to increase engagement and reduce churn.”