In a survey of 2513 small businesses conducted by AT&T, nearly one-third of respondents reported that they are deploying mobile apps. Their goals, they said, are to save time, increase productivity and reduce costs. Almost half of the companies using mobile apps indicated that those apps are critical to the success of their business.

Have you wondered whether a mobile app could provide an effective way to enhance customer loyalty for your small business? Or are you thinking of deploying an app that would attract new customers?

If you are like many small businesses owners, you may worry that you lack the resources to design and build a robust mobile app. Perhaps you have put off plans for a mobile app because you assumed that creating one would have to be expensive, time-consuming and complex. It doesn’t.

ViziApps takes a “no coding” approach to creating mobile business apps, making it possible for non-programmers to design and build a custom mobile app at less cost and in significantly less time than it would otherwise take. By providing an elegant way to create both native and web mobile apps, ViziApps eliminates perceived impediments and enables even the smallest companies to build apps that run on iOS and Android devices.

If you knew that you could develop a mobile app for your business in a day, would that help you get started? Let us know: would a drag-and-drop approach make it easier for you to get a mobile app up and running?