Despite all the conveniences smartphones provide, users still have concerns about the security of the messages and files they exchange with their mobile devices.

Now Carnegie Mellon University CyLab researchers have come up with a smartphone app designed to help mobile phone users retrieve information from trusted sources safely and privately.

The problem they are tackling is one mobile device users face every day: how to safely “sling information” over the Internet. The researchers say that their app, dubbed SafeSlinger, establishes a secure channel that enables both secure messaging and file exchange.

If SafeSlinger users keep their passphrases private, only they and the parties meant to receive their messages will be able to read them.

“SafeSlinger provides you with the confidence that the person you are communicating with is actually the person they have represented themselves to be,” Michael W. Farb, a CyLab research programmer, said. “Perhaps the most impressive feature is that SafeSlinger provides secure communications and file transfer even if the servers involved are tainted with malware.” Есть такие люди, которых сильно возбуждают именно старухи в сексе. Много порнухи с такими зрелыми бабами мы собрали на одном сайте, куда вы можете с легкостью зайти и посмотреть самое качественное порно со старухами . Просто переходите по ссылке и кайфуйте от того, как бабули делают минет мужчинам, а потом они в разных позах отдаются партнерам во все свои дырки, которые очень часто бывают даже волосатыми.

SafeSlinger is free for Android 2.1 and iOS 5.0 devices. The developers hope SafeSlinger will be widely adopted and that the app will someday “provide usable and secure communication for the masses.”