Much has been written recently about the challenges of creating a mobile app that will get noticed.

In a world where it seems there’s already an app for just about everything, what are some of the ways to make a mobile app stand out, in a way that makes users want to download and use it?

Here are a few ideas. First, potential app creators should go into the different app markets and see what’s already available, taking note of what other comparable apps got right and where there’s room for improvement. That is the type of information that can be used to build a better app with a better user experience.

The large number of available apps shouldn’t discourage anyone who has an idea for a mobile business app. There is still considerable opportunity to create mobile applications that address unmet business needs. Large enterprises are struggling to keep up with the demand for mobile apps for use with customers, partners, employees and others. Small businesses are also looking for ways to leverage mobile apps, to expand their markets, for instance, or retain customers.

With the ViziApps platform, anyone with basic computing skills can create a robust mobile app – without coding – and provide the functionality business users need. Powerful business apps provide data, the type needed for making informed decisions, responding to customer queries, and generally keeping pace with volatile business conditions.

The ViziApps’ drag-and-drop approach enables access to back-end data in a way that can differentiate a mobile business app from less sophisticated ones. That data can be stored in Google Docs spreadsheets or SQL databases, or accessed via web services. This capability gives mobile app creators a way to provide a very rich user experience on an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.