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Quick Start with a Template App

Here is the fastest way to see ViziApps at work in about a minute. Just follow these steps to load one of our template apps into your account and start testing:

  • Click on the tool tip button for Add a Template App.

  • Click on the screenshots of the template app design you want.
  • In the dialog box, create a name for the app and click Add to My Account.
  • The template app design will appear on the design page. This is your personal copy which you can modify.

Test Your App

  • To test this app on your phone or tablet, click on Select App For Test.
  • Install the free ViziApps App on your phone or tablet; search the app store for ViziApps or follow the links below.
  • Start ViziApps on your device. You will see a splash screen followed by a login page.
  • Login using the same username and password you used to login to the ViziApps Design Studio.
  • That's it. You should now see the app running on your Apple or Android device.

If you change any page of your app in the Studio, click on Save. When you restart ViziApps on your phone or tablet, the latest app will be downloaded automatically and start to run.

Install the Free ViziApps App

You can use the ViziApps App to test any of your app designs directly on your phone or tablet devices.

Android Users iPhone and iPad Users
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