• ViziApps Expands Intuit QuickBase Support to include Sub-Account Authentication and Query Response Limits

    Companies worldwide use QuickBase to create cloud-based business process applications, without doing any coding.

    Those businesses often require access privileges to company data at different levels of authorization. Using ViziApps Studio, enterprises and small businesses can design QuickBase apps that enable end users to access data at the appropriate level of authorization. These QuickBase apps can run on iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and smartphones.

    For example, a Sales VP may have a higher level of authorization than regional sales people have. While the Sales VP may access sales results in all regions, an individual sales person might have access to sales results only in his/her region. When an end user logs into their QuickBase ViziApps app, their login credentials will automatically determine which data to select depending on their level of authorization.

    Here’s how it works. When a user registers QuickBase as a data source for their ViziApps app, they will see a dialog box like the figure below. They just add the field names in the app that will be used for end users to login and access the QuickBase data. Then, when the app runs, the app users just login and the data query designed in ViziApps uses the authorization from their login.

    Also, the ViziApps Studio now enables users to specify a limit to the number of responses for any data query, since large data sets may have much more data than is needed by a mobile user.

  • ViziApps named one of Massachusetts Largest Mobile Startups

    The Boston Business Journal named ViziApps as one of the Top 20 Largest Mobile Startups in Massachusetts. ViziApps joined the ranks of Mobiquity, uTest, Fiksu, Apperian, and Kinvey in this recognition of our growth by New England’s premier business journal.

  • ViziApps Now Allows Use of JavaScript in No-coding Mobile Apps

    ViziApps is first and foremost a platform that allows users to create robust, data-centric mobile apps without coding. But for app creators who want to use their programming skills to further customize their apps, new JavaScript support in ViziApps makes that possible. With the addition of custom JavaScript, a wide range of additional features can be included. For instance, by incorporating unique “glue logic”, ViziApps app builders can include more complex app operations in their mobile apps.

    (If you haven’t tried ViziApps yet, start now by signing up for a free account.)

    This new JavaScript capability opens up new ways of making mobile apps even more innovative. For example, a user could incorporate JavaScript as a way to record a message in a ViziApps hybrid app. Another use for JavaScript might be to populate maps using a mobile device’s GPS geo-location capabilities, then provide that information to Google Maps. In the ViziApps Studio, where our users build mobile business apps, we have provided the option of using custom JavaScript as a way to extend ViziApps functionality and distinguish our users’ mobile apps in a highly competitive marketplace.

  • ViziApps Now Supports Intuit QuickBase for Integrating Data in Mobile Apps

    Companies worldwide use QuickBase to create cloud-based business process applications, without doing any coding.

    Now, using ViziApps Studio, enterprise and small business users can easily build mobile apps using QuickBase data to run on the iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and smartphones, without coding. Taking advantage of the ViziApps drag and drop process for creating apps, QuickBase users can quickly and cost effectively build mobile apps that provide access to robust cloud-based data.

    ViziApps® provides the features described below for creating QuickBase mobile apps.

    Click & choose database fields and drag & drop device fields

    • A drag and drop process for creating QuickBase database operations, using familiar database commands such as select, insert, update and delete.

    Test database commands in the Studio

    • A graphical test for verifying that database commands work properly right in the ViziApps Studio.

    Preview app running with QuickBase access

    With these new capabilities, QuickBase users can build data-rich apps for iOS and Android devices. Adding QuickBase database operations takes just minutes.

    The no-coding ViziApps process enables business and IT professionals to build mobile business apps for use by employees, partners, and customers. As a result, businesses can have the mobile apps their users need to access and leverage data virtually anywhere and anytime.

  • ViziApps Offline Sync – Use Your Mobile App Anywhere

    What does Offline Data Sync mean in a mobile app?

    Offline data allows a user of the mobile app to view, add, delete or modify data in the mobile app with no connection to the internet or network. All of the changes the user makes will be automatically synced with the main backend database, once the mobile app user comes back into online network connectivity.

    So, why this is important?

  • ViziApps partners with Apperian for direct enterprise app publishing & management

    The ability to publish and manage mobile business apps for private use can open major opportunities for engaging employees, partners, or customers. Now ViziApps will let users combine the ability of making their company data mobile with easy app publishing and management through Apperian’s App Publishing and Management platform.

    ViziApps is partnering with Apperian, Inc., the enterprise mobile application management (MAM) pioneer, to enable ViziApps users to publish their apps directly with Apperian’s MAM platform and their own enterprise app store. Apps enabled by Apperian are easier to distribute, monitor, and manage for employee, partner, and customer users. ViziApps enterprise users will soon enjoy a number of benefits building their mobile apps, including:

    • 1-Click app publishing and seamless integration with Apperian’s “enterprise app store” platform that hundreds of enterprises are already using today
    • Access to rich mobile app management capabilities to manage and track app updates, apply security policies, manage testing, and track user feedback
    • Increased exposure for published apps to drive faster user adoption and higher ROI
    • Integrated app signing to sign or re-sign iOS and Android apps for full enterprise distribution, or update existing apps with new credentials
    • User feedback capabilities that will let users post comments, ideas and report bugs quickly and easily

    Apperian is the leading provider of mobile application management (MAM) technology. The company’s EASE platform delivers enterprise mobility services that enable many of the world’s largest corporations to securely manage the full lifecycle of mobile apps. To learn more about Apperian App Publishing and Apperian’s EASE platform, go to:

    For questions about ViziApps and Apperian App Publishing and Management, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • ViziApps Selected to show Rapid Mobile App Innovation at TechJam 2015!

    gtj logo

    The Mass Technology Leadership Council selected ViziApps to demo our Rapid Mobile App Platform at TechJam 2015. See us there Thursday May 11th in Boston:

  • ViziApps Smart Pages™ Provide Predesigned Data-Ready Mobile App Pages

    If you’re not the most artistic designer or you’re trying to meet a tight deadline, or you want to share your mobile page design with your team or our community – you will love ViziApps new Smart PagesTM. As with any design activity, starting with a blank page can be intimidating and there are often aspects of building apps for Apple and Android devices that need to be repeated or reused in a new context. Why reinvent the wheel when you can leverage existing best practices for mobile app design?

    Solving these issues is exactly what ViziApps is delivering with our new Smart Pages catalog of professionally designed Smart Pages. Use them for the fastest way yet to build full-featured mobile apps. Or create your own Smart Pages so that you can organize your designs and share components for team development or share with the ViziApps community.

    A Catalog of Smart Pages

    The ViziApps catalog offers a range of Smart Pages to perform functions like displaying data to a scrolling table or showing a place on a map. And the catalog will grow with more Smart Pages over time. Just find a Smart Page that meets your specific need, plug it into your app design, connect it to a live data source, when needed, and that page is done!

    ViziApps offers a range of data connections so you can get business data into your users’ hands in real time, without coding. Our data sources include Intuit QuickBase,, Google Spreadsheets, SQL databases and REST interfaces. As with the rest of ViziApps, hooking up your data to a Smart Page is a simple drag-and-drop process.

    The process of building mobile apps with ViziApps is an easy visual experience without coding, and allows you to build complex apps from individual pages. Smart Pages makes this experience even faster because you can organize your app by selecting a series of Smart Pages, connect to live data sources, and put in the finishing touches.

    Of course the best-designed components can’t anticipate all individual needs, so ViziApps lets you add our standard fields to the Smart Pages in your app, so you can customize them to achieve the perfect user experience. You can even mix Smart Pages with your own fully custom pages in the same app in any way you want.

  • ViziApps Supports QuickBase for Mobile App Data Integration

    Using the no-coding ViziApps mobile app development platform, enterprise and small business users can easily create QuickBase mobile apps.

    Companies worldwide are using ViziApps, to build mobile apps from QuickBase to mobilize the processes vital to their business – for the iPhone and iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

    ViziApps provides several key features for creating QuickBase mobile apps:

    • Create QuickBase database operations with a drag and drop process for familiar database commands such as select, insert, update and delete. Adding QuickBase database operations to your mobile app takes just minutes.
    • ViziApps support QuickBase commands
    • ViziApps enables your mobile apps to run without network access. When network access returns, it automatically syncs with your Quickbase account.
    • Customize how users navigate your work flow in your app for the optimal user experience,

    Because ViziApps provides a no-coding process for mobile app development, business and IT professionals can quickly and cost effectively use the ViziApps tool to build mobile business apps that empower employees, partners, and customers.

  • ViziApps to Demo Rapid Mobile App Creation at QuickBase EMPOWER 2016

    See ViziApps in action at QuickBase EMPOWER 2016 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville from May 10 – 13, 2016. ViziApps has been enabling customers and partners of QuickBase to rapidly create custom mobile apps, with all of the non-coding ease-of-use that QuickBase users have come to expect. Yet ViziApps is powerful enough to incorporate native mobile device features and simultaneously connect with other data sources such as Google Sheets, SQL databases, and Salesforce CRM. The EMPOWER 2016 conference will be a great opportunity to learn more about using QuickBase to create business apps that meet your exact needs without coding.
  • Webinar Feb 26th – Creating Apps Fast for Strong Mobile App Lifecycles

    How can business process applications be re-imagined to leverage the power of mobile devices, or to quickly create completely new business benefits with custom mobile apps? How are the new apps deployed and managed to ensure high levels of adoption?

    Join our ViziApps/Apperian webinar on February 26th to hear about the new era of full mobile app lifecycle management. David Asher, VP of Product Management at ViziApps and Stephen Skidmore, Director of Product Marketing at Apperian will explore the new enterprise app lifecycle, including:

    • The key success factors for developing, deploying, and updating enterprise apps within the new reality of employee mobile apps
    • Practical tips on improving the user experience of employee developed apps to ensure the highest levels of end-user adoption
    • How to dynamically test and update enterprise apps by taking a ‘whole lifecycle’ approach

    If you are facing a daunting backlog of mobile app requests and can’t figure out how to get them all done within budget, this webinar is for you.

    Register to learn the new reality of enterprise employee apps and increase your ROI today.