How can business process applications be re-imagined to leverage the power of mobile devices, or to quickly create completely new business benefits with custom mobile apps? How are the new apps deployed and managed to ensure high levels of adoption?

Join our ViziApps/Apperian webinar on February 26th to hear about the new era of full mobile app lifecycle management. David Asher, VP of Product Management at ViziApps and Stephen Skidmore, Director of Product Marketing at Apperian will explore the new enterprise app lifecycle, including:

  • The key success factors for developing, deploying, and updating enterprise apps within the new reality of employee mobile apps
  • Practical tips on improving the user experience of employee developed apps to ensure the highest levels of end-user adoption
  • How to dynamically test and update enterprise apps by taking a ‘whole lifecycle’ approach

If you are facing a daunting backlog of mobile app requests and can’t figure out how to get them all done within budget, this webinar is for you.

Register to learn the new reality of enterprise employee apps and increase your ROI today.