ViziApps is the first mobile app creation without coding service to introduce a revolutionary new capability for mobile apps: Offline Data Access & Remote Sync.

Mobile users worldwide have become dependent on their smartphones and apps to provide them with capabilities and data wherever and whenever they want. And now companies using ViziApps are enabling more and more corporate data to be available from our mobile devices.

But the reality is that mobile data connections are often unreliable, very low bandwidth, too expensive to use, or completely unavailable in needed work sites. Yet these issues can hit at exactly the time and place we need to get our jobs done. A mobile device without a data connection suddenly becomes frustrating and useless.

Offline Data Access & Remote Sync

ViziApp’s approach to Offline Data Access & Remote Sync, like the rest of our no-coding platform for mobile app creation, couldn’t be simpler for the user and even for the app creator. In fact it’s practically transparent.

Data Access While Offline

For a user, the synchronization between a remote database and their mobile device happens automatically as a background process. There is no action the user needs to take. When a user makes a data query, their app will use a local copy of the synchronized data which not only gives them access to their data while offline, but also allows the app to perform much faster than normal online operation.

Data Updates While Offline

Mobile users without a network connection can now continue working and updating their data sets, such as filing reports and even submitting photos. The next time that the user runs their app with a network connection, the new data will be automatically synchronized back to the remote database in both directions.

Simple To Enable

For the app creator, in ViziApps Studio just go to the App Properties selection for “Setup Offline Operations”, then select “Use offline operation.” That’s it – the rest is automatically handled for you. There is no difficult middleware to install or configure or worry about for scalability.

Offline Data Access & Remote Sync is now available for Intuit QuickBase and Android devices. ViziApps will soon be releasing Offline Data Access & Remote Sync for iPhone and iPad users, and then expanding to other remote data sources.

Nearly all businesses have a large set of documents that are essential to their operations. Enabling mobile workers to access those documents wherever they are, right from their smartphone or tablet, can speed closing sales and completing field service calls, and increase customer satisfaction.

ViziApps now makes it easy to view most documents by adding a document viewer directly in your mobile app.

Viewing Documents

The ViziApps Document Viewer supports a wide range of document types:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Adobe: PDF
  • Image files: PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, TIFF
  • Audio files: MP3, WAV, OGG
  • Video files: MPEG4, WEBM, OGG

The document viewer pops up as a new window in the app, so the user gets a full-screen view of the document, and can close the window when they’re done.

Here are examples of PowerPoint and Excel document screenshots.

Doc viewer Doc viewer 2

The best way to get started is to load our new Template App called “Doc Viewer” into your ViziApps account. This will give you a working example that shows a variety of document types.

Read our new guide to learn how to do it at the ViziApps Wiki: Document Viewer.

Many businesses have multiple sites, and would like users of their mobile apps to quickly list or search for them, especially relative to the user’s location. But rather than create a new database of multiple company sites for your mobile app, you can use Google Places to search, and Google Maps to show the results.

ViziApps now makes it easy to integrate geo searching and mapping capability into your mobile apps. ViziApps has released a new template app called Google Places and Maps that shows you how to explore the rich searching capabilities of Google Places.

Read our new guides to learn how to do it at the ViziApps Wiki:

Searching and Mapping

Google Places has a rich set of information that can be queried, including location, search radius, keyword, and category. As a mobile app designer, you can preset any of the parameters, have the user enter search information, or dynamically determine search parameters.

Results of searches can be shown in a table listing, or rendered as pins directly on a map.

Geo Search

In addition to searching, Google Places offers detailed information about each site, such as phone number, website URL, ratings, and photos. ViziApps enables you to get this information and present it to the mobile app user in any format that you like.

The new template app even shows you how to present the user with directions, Street View, and more. Your app may not need the full accuracy and power consumption of GPS, so ViziApps also provides a Quick Location capability so your app is responsive to the user.

More than 60% of the top websites use Google Analytics to understand their’ users behavior, and exploit this understanding to improve user experience and achieve better business results.

So doesn’t it make sense that you would want that same kind of analytical power to understand how people are using your mobile apps?

ViziApps makes it very simple to use your existing or new Google Analytics accounts with your custom mobile apps to get this same kind of measurement and analysis.

Read how to do it at ViziApps Wiki: Google Analytics.

Measure Pages, Buttons, and More

With a few simple instructions, you can measure any page that is viewed or any button that is pressed. The Real Time dashboard on Google Analytics will show your user’s app activity as it is happening. You automatically get important information such as the user’s platform and session duration.

Analytics ScreenShot

Creating any custom event that you want to measure and report with Google Analytics is easy. An example event might be when a specific data upload has been successful. ViziApps even provides you with the hooks to make use of any common hit types, such as eCommerce tracking.