There are few things more important to Internet and mobile users than sharing, and now ViziApps brings sharing to mobile app creation. Even for small projects, it’s very common to have multiple people collaborate in different ways to design and test a mobile app. ViziApps new App Sharing feature allows any user to share any of their app designs with any other ViziApps users.

App Sharing solves critical needs for team development:

  • Developers can share their app with others for evaluation and testing
  • An app can be shared with a UI design specialist for consultation and improvements
  • Contractors can be included into a team when needed, and then their sharing can be revoked when the contract is complete
  • After an app has been released, different people can be assigned update and maintenance tasks
  • Managing the important controls for publishing through one individual so a company keeps a secure relationship to the App Stores and Mobile App Management Systems
  • When developing apps for a customer, briefly sharing app designs with them, so they can validate the features and test for themselves

Sharing an app is easy. The person creating an app clicks on the new “Share This App” button in ViziApps Studio, and enters the username of other ViziApps users. They declare whether the users are Developers or Testers. A Developer can edit an app design and test it in both Preview Mode and on any mobile device, then share their changes with the App Owner. A Tester can test an app, but not edit an app.

The person that created the app remains the App Owner, and is the only one that can publish to the App Stores. The App Owner can also revoke sharing of their app at any time. There is no limit to the number of apps that can be shared, or how large the app sharing team can get.

Now, with ViziApps App Sharing, enterprise teams and the contractors that serve them can manage the complete cycle of designing, testing, and publishing their mobile apps.

ViziApps has been adding many features that make it faster and easier than ever before to create mobile apps for enterprise and commercial applications. Now ViziApps announces the availability of QR Code and Barcode scanning, seamlessly integrated into mobile apps with very little effort.

Some of the most common barcodes that you see are Universal Product Codes used for pricing and inventory control, and which can be seen on nearly all packaged products found in supermarkets as well as many other kinds of stores. Since they are so easy to generate, print, and affix to packages, barcodes have greatly improved the operations of many companies and industries, for example they are used to track packages by courier and shipping companies.

QR (or Quick Response) codes have the same ease of generation and printing as barcodes, but allow for much larger data representation. One of the most common uses that you see for QR codes is a quick reference to a URL, typically for finding a website or mobile app. QR codes have the ability to represent more than a thousand characters of text, or even binary data, so they are finding their way into a wide variety of commercial applications.

The quickest way to learn about integrating QR Codes and barcodes into mobile apps is to examine the Design Catalog template in the ViziApps Studio. This demonstration app shows you how to insert a single button in your app that call up the image scanner, and then automatically shows you the code’s value once the scan is successful. The scanned value is held in a variable that can then be used for any purpose, such as setting the URL in a browser, or performing a database query based on this value. На нашем сайте вы найдете лучшие обзоры онлайн казино, популярных игр и игровых автоматов. Топ рейтинг, Эксклюзивные бонусы, Отзывы игроков.

The ability to privately publish and manage mobile business apps is essential for many mobile business processes executed by employees, partners, or customers. Now you can select the Apperian EASE Mobile App Management option to publish your apps from ViziApps to your Apperian account with one click.

ViziApps’ seamless integration with Apperian, Inc., the enterprise mobile application management (MAM) pioneer, enables ViziApps users to publish their apps directly with Apperian’s EASE MAM platform and their own enterprise app store. Businesses often want to distribute and manage such B2E apps directly for employee, partner, and customer user business processes and mobile workflow, rather than expose them in the public App Store and Google play app market.

ViziApps apps are now easy to distribute, manage, and monitor – right from your EASE Admin Control Console and Dashboard. ViziApps enterprise users now enjoy key benefits building their enterprise mobile apps, including:

  • 1-Click app publishing with Apperian’s “enterprise app store” platform that hundreds of enterprises are already using today
  • Rich mobile app management capabilities to manage and track app updates, apply security policies, manage testing, and track user feedback
  • Integrated app signing to sign or re-sign iOS and Android apps for full enterprise distribution, or update existing apps with new credentials
  • Faster app adoption and higher ROI through app analytics to tune mobile business processes
  • User feedback capabilities that will let users post comments, ideas and report bugs quickly and easily

“ViziApps ability to create business mobile apps quickly without coding, now seamlessly combined with Apperian EASE, provides a powerful and elegant solution for enterprises to mobilize their work force and business processes,” said Cimarron Buser, Vice President of Business Development at Apperian.

Using ViziApps Studio, enterprise and small business users and their IT consultants and Digital Marketing suppliers can now quickly build mobile apps with Apperian EASE App Management without coding. sexpromo These apps can use native device features and manage data from SQL databases, Google Drive spreadsheets, Intuit QuickBase,,, and to run on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

ViziApps now supports direct integration of RSS Feeds from your app with no coding. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web standard for publishing frequently updated information in a standardized format using links. For example, you can use RSS to display a list of news items with links to web pages.

RSS is now a new ViziApps field that you can add to any page. In the property sheet, give it a name, RSS title, the feed URL and one of two ways to display the RSS items:

RSS Display with Title and Date
RSS Display with Image, Title, Date

Then, when your app runs and the RSS feed is displayed, the user can tap on one of the rows, and the associated link in the RSS feed is used to popup a web page.