Realtors have always been part of the mobile workforce. Checking out new property listings, hosting open houses, and meeting with prospective home and office buyers and renters are just some of the activities that keep realtors on the road.

To help address the challenges of managing a realty business for people who sometimes spend more time in their cars than in their offices, ViziApps has created a template that makes it easy to build a mobile app designed especially for this market. Providing a drag-and-drop approach to designing and creating mobile business applications, ViziApps lets realtors quickly and easily build a custom mobile app they can carry everywhere – on an iPad, iPhone or Android device.

ViziApps eliminates the need to do any coding, so anyone familiar with office productivity tools like PowerPoint can produce a mobile app that accesses business data. For realtors, that might include property listings, tax tables and information on neighborhoods. With a broad selection of icons, images, and colors to choose from, realtors can build a highly customized app they can use on a smartphone or share with customers on a tablet.

Over the past several years, the real estate market has been especially challenging worldwide. Some bright spots are appearing, however. A survey by Ferguson Partners Ltd, a global executive recruitment consultancy, reveals that 61% of real estate firms worldwide plan to increase hiring in 2012. The survey also shows that nearly 70% of U.S. real estate companies plan to increase hiring this year.

“The hiring demand is much stronger than most people in the real estate industry anticipated. It looks like most of the growth will be in middle management and entry level positions, which is a reflection of firms rebuilding infrastructure after the 2008 meltdown,” said William J. Ferguson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ferguson Partners Ltd. Когда хочется посмотреть видео с инцестом, то лучше всего смотреть его на русском языке с русскими участниками. Проходите на наш сайт с таким трахом и вы не пожалеете, так как русский инцест порно считается самым настоящим и качественным. Тут только реальные мамашки сосут своим сыночкам пенисы, а потом отдаются этим ребятам в киски и попки, от чего потом еще и кончают.

As real estate companies look for ways to keep their growing workforces productive, they have an option that would bring their brand and their real estate databases on the road with them: a custom mobile app built with the ViziApps online tool. With easy access to the information they need, realtors can work effectively wherever they are.